QGIS 3.4 Quirks and Workarounds

Posted on April 4, 2019 in GIS Resources

We primarily work with QGIS software at Eclipse, which is a free and open source Geographic Information System. The QGIS community is doing great work to develop the software and provide training and guidance to users, but there are often a few quirks associated with any open source software. We thought to start recording some of the quirks we have run into with QGIS 3.4 and the solutions we have found in order to assist other QGIS users. If you have any bugs to report or would like to contribute to this blog, please feel free to contact us!

Moving the unbudging labels

Problem: Some of the labels do not move.

Solution: Typically, we are working on a different layer from the one that the labels belong to. The first step is to find the corresponding layer, where the box colour of the layer should be similar to the text colour of the label. If the labels are still stuck, navigate to the Layer Styling panel on the right hand side of QGIS. Select Labels and we should see the toolboxes, shown below.

If we are working with Rule-based labeling, simply double click onto our desired label. Notice that the text label should be categorized into ____ Name, corresponding to the attribute table of the layer.

Then make sure that the X and Y coordinates are toggled yellow, shown below.

Changing the page size in the Composer

Problem: The Page Setup option in the Layout tab does not open a window.

Solution: Right click anywhere on the canvas and select Page Properties. Options to change the page size will come up on Item Properties panel.

Raster processing tools not working/showing up on a Mac

This is a well-known bug on QGIS 3.4 – see the below link to add a path to the appropriate Python library: