Skeena Knowledge Trust

Eclipse Geomatics is the principal contractor for the Skeena Knowledge Trust (SKT), a charitable organization formed in September 2017 following a multi-year collaboration between the Bulkley Valley Research Centre, Wet’suwet’en Treaty Office Society, SkeenaWild Conservation Trust, and the Pacific Salmon Foundation to address the need for improved knowledge management and more informed decision-making pertaining to salmon and salmon habitat within the Skeena River watershed and estuary.

Eclipse provides administrative and technical services to the SKT, including the development of the Skeena Salmon Data Centre (SSDC) and the Skeena Maps Portal (SMP).The SSDC and the SMP were developed in order to maximize the accessibility of information relevant to Skeena salmon. The SSDC is a publicly-accessible, online data warehouse and library based on open-source CKAN software, and provides users with access to a comprehensive collection of relevant reports, data, and spatial files. The SMP was developed based on an open-source GeoNode platform, and allows users to search, view, and download spatial files, as well as create maps.

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